How Pulsa works

Information about how Pulsa's solution works and frequently asked questions

Sensor to gateway communications

Our wireless, ultra-low power consumption system makes it easy to get precise measurements in minutes anywhere on Earth with cellular signal.

How it Works schematic

How Pulsa's wireless sensor to gateway communication works:

  • Each sensor transmits a measurement every 3 minutes on a 2.4 Ghz band. If a gateway is powered on and in range of the sensor, it will receive the sensor measurement payload and forward it to Pulsa's backend. At which point, the readings will become available for viewing on your Pulsa dashboard.
  • Each Pulsa gateway can handle 1000's of sensors. The main limitation is range, and each sensor can transmit up to 350 ft with line of sight. The only limited factor is range and thick barriers between the gateway & sensors (incl. thick masonry, metal walls)

Some of the key benefits of our sensor and gateway communication system:

  • Sensors do not need to pair or be physically connected with the gateway. This allows more freedom of location, increases range and greatly simplifies setup.
  • Sensors and gateways each have their own power supply, resulting in improved power consumption, prolonging the life of your sensors and gateway.
  • Any possible sensor issue can easily be identified and isolated, without disrupting the gateway or surrounding sensors.

To learn more about which sensors and gateways work best for your organization's needs, please visit our sensor page.