Using Pulsa

Best practices, tips & tricks, troubleshooting, and how to replace batteries

V1 Differential or high pressure battery replacement

Note: Sensor shown in video is a high pressure sensor. Replacement for differential and headspace pressure sensor is the same process as shown.


Unscrew plastic cap

  • Unscrew the plastic cap from your differential or high pressure sensor
  • If cap is very tight, use crescent wrench to grip metal portion of sensor and loosen

Pull away plastic tabs

  • Locate the two small plastic tabs on your sensor
  • Gently pull plastic tabs to release sensor chip and battery

Remove battery

  • Use a flat head screwdriver to carefully remove the battery from plastic holder, ensuring not to cause strain on any of the wires on the sensor or battery holder
  • Replace battery with a CR2032 3V battery, commonly used for watches and flashlights. They're found at most stores and online.

Reattach cap

  • Once battery is replaced, reinsert the battery with the plastic casing facing up, exposed battery facing down
  • There is a small rectangular portion extruding from the plastic battery casing, align with plastic prongs to reinsert battery casing
  • Replace red sensor board and reposition plastic tabs to secure in place
  • Ensure plastic casing has not been loosened from metal base during replacement. If loosened, carefully reinsert and secure the two small plastic pegs at the base of the plastic casing to the metal base. A loosened base may cause wire damage
  • Replace plastic sensor cap
  • Cap should easily reattach and screw on, you should not feel any resistance when tightening cap. If any resistance is felt, immediately stop, carefully remove cap and ensure battery casing and sensor board have been correctly replaced and secured before attempting to replace cap