Using Pulsa

Best practices, tips & tricks, troubleshooting, and how to replace batteries

Finding Gateway Details

Easily locate gateway details in your Pulsa dashboard by following the steps below:


Select your gateway

Select any gateway in the dashboard to view and manage their details


Click Manage to view or edit gateway details

Once you've selected your gateway, click the Manage button in the top right, (or the pencil icon if using the app)

Users with Billing Admin, User Manager or Editor can edit gateway details such as name, or location, here

Find important sensor information in the bottom third of the Gateway details

  • Gateway Id: Your gateway's unique sensor ID. This ID will match the ID seen on QR code of your gateway
  • Owner: The gateway's selected Owner
  • Type: Gateway Type
  • Product Code: Sensor SKU/ Model
  • Software Version: The current version your gateway is operating on
  • ICCID: The ICCID number for your gateway's SIM
  • Manufactured on: Gateway's manufacture date