Using Pulsa

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Managing maintainers

Maintainers allow your organization to choose who receives gateway disconnect/reconnect emails.


Company maintainers

Company level maintainers will be the default recipients for gateway disconnect/reconnect messages. This will include all newly initialized gateways, unless other users are specifically chosen (See location specific maintainers below).

  • Every location must have at least one maintainer assigned to it
  • To access the company page, select the "Company" tab on the left hand side of the dashboard. In the app, Companies will be listed under "More" in the bottom right corner. If you are part of several companies, select the one you'd like to update to view users/ maintainers.
  • To update maintainer settings, an Administrator level user can select a user and select or deselect the “maintainer” checkbox
    Note: this will remove the user as a company-level maintainer for all gateways/locations
  • When initializing a gateway/ creating a new location, check "include company-level maintainers" to include default maintainers.


Location specific maintainers

Location specific maintainers are users that have been selected as  maintainers for a specific gateway location.

  • To add a user that is not a company-level maintainer to a specific location, simply go to "Locations" in the Pulsa dashboard
  • Select the location you'd like to add them to
  • Enter their Pulsa associated email
  • Click "Update Location"
  • The user will now receive gateway disconnect/ reconnect emails for this location.

Note: the user must be a part of your organization to be added as a maintainer.