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Managing Sensors that are not in Use

At some point, you may remove or swap an active sensor from a customer's site. If the sensor is still in good working condition, but you no longer want to view the readings and trendline for the sensor on the dashboard, read below for the steps we recommend to manage these sensors.


Renaming the Sensor

  • Rename the sensor to reflect it is no longer in use and no longer at the customer's site.
  • Renaming the sensor to "Stock [Sensor ID]" works well, as the sensor ID is unique.
  • Please visit Renaming Sensors for help on renaming sensors.

Disconnecting the sensor from the product

Disconnecting the sensor from the product can be easily done by:

  1. Selecting the "Manage" Icon on the top right of the sensor page
  2. Selecting "Disconnect this Sensor."

Removing any identifying information from the sensor

Remove any additional information from the sensor that may reference it's previous location/ use case. This includes the following:

  • Associated Headspace
  • Tags
  • Shared Access with End Customer
  • Integrations

Sensors that will not be re-deployed:

For sensors that will not be re-deployed in the short term, we recommend disabling service -renewal for the sensor.

Note: After the service period ends, payment for the a renewed subscription will be required once the sensor is re-deployed. Visit Billing FAQ's for help on disabling service-renewal for sensors. For sensors that will never be re-deployed, please reach out to support for help on permanently removing the sensor from the account.