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Power Cycling Gateways

Solar Gateways

There are two ways by which we can powercycle a solar gateway:

  • If the solar kit is receiving direct sunlight, cover the solar panels.
  • Once the panels are covered, push the on/off button so that the button is protruding.
  • Wait 30 seconds before pushing the on/off button again, ensuring that the button is depressed to signify that it is on.

The second way to powercycle a gateway:

  • locate the power cord (connector) that connects from the solar kit to the bottom of the gateway.
  • Unscrew and remove the connector from the gateway and wait 30 seconds before re-attaching it.

Powercycling a Plug-in Gateway

  • To powercycle a plug-in gateway, simply unplug it from the power supply and wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

What to expect after power cycling

Powercycling the gateway will cause all lights (if lights are displayed at that time. Solar powered gateways in power saving mode may not display any lights prior to power cycling) to turn off on the gateway.

Once the gateway has been reconnected to power, gateway lights will return as the gateway boots up.

The gateway will then go into it's normal light sequence : fast flashing green, slow flashing green, and lastly solid green.

Any sensors in range of this gateway will update within a few moments once your gateway has turned solid green.

If your gateway does not turn solid green within 5-10 minutes following the power cycle, please contact Pulsa Support for next steps/ additional guidance:

(888) 259-1163 /