Using Pulsa

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Supported browsers for Pulsa

For an optimal Pulsa experience and safer and more secure web browsing, Pulsa recommends using the latest versions of the browsers listed below:

Pulsa does support Internet Explorer 11 or below due to security vulnerabilities and technical limitations of Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer security vulnerabilities

Internet Explorer and its browser plug-in, Silverlight, have been exploited by hackers for years. Many public and private organizations have identified significant risks in using Internet Explorer and recommend alternate, more secure browsers; this includes the Department of Homeland Security as early as 2014 and as recently as January 2020.

Internet Explorer technical limitations

Pulsa prides itself on using the latest technology to bring innovative features to our customers. Internet Explorer released its final version in 2013, and it lacks the capabilities to take full advantage of Pulsa's features. Pulsa is not alone - many other products, including those from financial institutions like Chase Bank, Google like Youtube and Gmail, social networks like LinkedIn, and from Microsoft themselves as well as hundreds of others do not or will not support Internet Explorer in the coming months.

If you have any questions, please contact Pulsa support via or phone (888.259.1163).