Using Pulsa

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Using conversions

Use conversions to express products in a variety of different units.


Select your product

  • Select an existing, or create a new product to edit conversion
  • Products can be viewed directly in your product catalogue or selected via a connected sensor


Create your conversion

  • In the top right corner, select [Manage] or the pencil icon, if using the app
  • View, edit and add new conversions for your selected product. Depending on the sensor type, products can be expressed in pieces, mass and/or volume conversions.
  • Select "Update product" to confirm changes.
  • Note, as with other product changes, conversions will affect all connected sensors. Up to 3 conversions can be added to a single product.

Update your preferences

  • Select or update applicable unit and conversion preferences in "Your settings" to ensure your newly created conversion will be displayed.
  • If multiple conversions are available, the top-most enabled in the "Conversion Preferences" list will be used.
  • Preferences will be displayed throughout dashboard, and can be updated at any time.