Using Pulsa

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Using Tags

Use tags to categorize sensors, locations and products.

Things to know:

  • Administrator and editor type users can create and edit tag groups
  • Tags are at the organization level.
  • Tags and tag groups are specific to individual companies, i.e. if you are a member of multiple companies, each will have their own set of tags and tag groups.


Creating tag groups

Tags and tag groups can be created and edited on the a selected Companies page or directly on a sensor, product or location page.

  • Navigate to the Companies tab in the dashboard to create or view existing tags and tag groups.
  • Select "Add tag group". A tag group will hold all tags of a similar type. For example a tag group labeled "Regions" would include such tags like "Northern", "Eastern", "Central" etc.
  • Next, create your tags. Tags in a select group should be of the same category. If a tag feels out of place, it may be best to create a new tag group.
  • To create your tag, enter your tag name, then click the plus sign.
  • Repeat this process to create as many tags as you'd like.

Tag Requirements

  • Enable tag requirements by toggling the option on for sensors, products or locations.
  • If enabled, at least one tag will be required to be selected when creating a new sensor, product or location
  • Use these options to ensure sensors are marked by account numbers, locations include regions, and products include gas types

Searching/ Filtering using tags

  • Tags can be used to search and filter sensors
  • Select one or multiple tags from the filter panel on your main sensor list to pull up select sensors