Using Pulsa

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Confirming Pulsa Firmware updates

Follow the steps below to learn what to expect following a Pulsa gateway update, and how to confirm your device has successfully updated


Initiate an update download by powercycling your device

Initiate an update to download to your gateway by power cycling your device.

Powercycling a device is the process of disconnecting your gateway device from it's power source, and then repowering the device.

For a solar powered device:
Disconnect the power cord in the bottom center of the gateway. Rest for 15 seconds, then reconnect.

For a wall powered unit:
SImply unplug the device from it's current outlet. Rest for 15 seconds, then reconnect.


Downloading the Update

Following the power cycle, the gateway will begin flashing blue and green lights at the same time, indicating your device has begun downloading an update.

Updates will generally take between 5-10minutes to download, but may take up to 30minutes if in an area with poor cell reception.

If your device does not display flashing blue and green lights shortly after powercyling (within 1 minute), repowercycle your device until the flashing blue and green light sequence is seen.


Upload status complete

Once the update has successfully completed, a solid blue light will be seen on your device.

The solid blue light will then disappear, and your gateway will begin booting up as normal. The standard light sequence will commence (fast flashing green, slow flashing green, solid green).


Confirm change in Gateway firmware version

Confirm your gateway is on the latest firmware version [currently this is 4.27] by inspecting the gateway details page

  • Scan your gateway ID, or search and filter for the gateway in your Pulsa app
  • Click "Manage" or the pencil icon to view the Gateway's details
  • Software version will be displayed in gateway details

Confirm sensor measures

Lastly, following your gateway's update, confirm your gateway has returned to displaying a solid green light.

Nearby sensors associated with this gateway will update shortly after the gateway has returned to a solid green state

If your gateway is not able to return to a solid green state, and/ or diplays a flashing light sequence for an extended period of time (+25 minutes), contact Pulsa Support for additonal assistance