Using Pulsa

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Understanding cellular gateway lights


Cell detection - fast green blink

Pulsa gateway will display a fast green blinking light while starting up & looking for a cellular signal. Frequency of two blinks per second.


Pulsa sensor detection - slow green blink

While your gateway searches for a reading from local Pulsa sensor(s), your gateway will display a slow green blink. Frequency of one blink every two seconds.


Pulsa sensor detection (30minutes+) - slow green blink & fast red blink

If gateway has been waiting for a reading from a local Pulsa sensor for over 30 minutes, the gateway will display a slow green blink and a fast red blink. Frequency of two red blinks every second, and one green blink every two seconds. If your gateway is unable to detect a nearby sensor, check out our sensor/ gateway troubleshooting guides or contact Pulsa Support for further assistance.


Connected - solid green light

Once gateway is properly connected to a cellular signal and is transmitting Pulses from at least one Pulsa or sensor within the last half hour, your gateway will display a solid green light.

Troubleshooting: Flashing Red light, No green

A flashing red gateway light indicates the gateway is not receiving sufficient power to properly function.

  • If seen:
    Confirm the outlet the gateway is connected to is stable. An unstable or problematic outlet may cause this issue.
  • Confirm the gateway power cord is stable/ working as expected. The cord may be tested with a multimeter to confirm stable 5V measures are received. If voltage is unstable, or issue is suspected, replace the power cord and repower the gateway.

Troubleshooting: Solid red

A Gateway may display a solid red light after a power related issue. A recent power surge, or tripped GFI may put your gateway in this state. While your gateway may be able to recover on it's own, if a solid red light is seen:

  • Confirm the gateway's power source is stable and active
    Disconnect the gateway from it's power source and let rest for 1 minute to fully reset the power supply
    Attempt to repower the gateway
  • The gateway should now power up as normal. Confirm a solid green light is achieved, and confirm updated sensor measures.