Getting started

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Solar gateway V2 set up 20230117

Tools required:

  • 1x gateway mounting bracket -enclosure attached
  • 1x solar panel mounting bracket - solar panel attached
  • 4x mounting screws
  • 1x gateway
  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Mounting solutions e.g. U Bolt, mounting magnets

Build Mounting Bracket

  • Using the 4x provided bracket screws, connect the gateway bracket to the solar panel bracket
  • If attaching single solar panel, move on to next step.
  • If attaching larger or secondary solar panel... (steps)

Attach gateway

  • Mount Gateway to solar kit enclosure
  • Do not overtorque

Review mounting options

  • Kit may be mounted in a variety of ways, select option that works best
  • Solar panel must be pointed towards southern exposure where it will receive minimum 5-6 hours of direct sunlight
  • Avoid shadows, or areas where fallout of debris may cover solar panel (e.g. tree branches/ leaves/ snowfall)


Mount gateway

  • Secure gateway to enclosure using provided screws and bolts
  • Do not over torque

Initialize gateway

  • Scan gateway QR code ****ask where they will be on new design****
  • Follow prompts to register your device to your selected company

Power gateway

  • (details needed for order of wire connections/ on/off switch)
  • Gateway lights will then power on and begin boot up sequence

Confirm gateway and sensor measures

  • Gateway MUST display a solid green light in order to transmit sensor readings to the dashboard
  • Confirm solid green light, and updated sensor readings in the dashboard
  • If you have questions regarding the light sequence displaying on your gateway, click here Understanding cellular gateway lights