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Best practices, tips & tricks, troubleshooting, and how to replace batteries

V2 Differential pressure sensor battery replacement

1. Remove plastic cap

  • Unscrew the plastic cap from your differential or high-pressure sensor
  • If the cap is very tight, use a crescent wrench to grip and loosen it

2. Remove battery

  • Remove the battery by pushing down on the top side. This will cause the battery to easily come out

3. Reinsert the new battery

  • Ensure that the negative and positive symbols from the battery match up with the ones on the sensor
  • Reinsert the bottom negative side of the battery in first, and then push against the top side until securely in place

Note: The battery should be held in place securely by both metal brackets. If the battery bracket has become compressed, slightly lift the bracket to a 45° angle to create a more secure fit.

4. Screw the cap back on

  • Once the battery has been placed back in, ensure that the battery is secured between the brackets.

List of Battery Types for Sensors

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