Using Pulsa

Best practices, tips & tricks, troubleshooting, and how to replace batteries

Creating and modifying alerts

To create an alert:

  • To add an alert to a sensor, click the [Sensors] tab from your web or app dashboard.
  • Select the sensor that you would like to add an alert to and then click the pencil icon/ [Manage] button located near the top right corner.
  • Select "Add an alert to this sensor" and follow the prompts to fill out the settings you would like for the alert based on consumption, level, rate, or time until depletion.
    • Level Alert: Subscriber(s) will be notified when sensor readings reach a level below a selected point. Level will be measured in pounds or kilograms.
    • Rate Alert: Subscriber(s) will be notified when sensor readings record a consumption rate that is slower than or faster than a selected point. Consumption rate can be measured by pounds per hour or kilograms per hours.
    • Remaining Time Alert: Subscriber(s) will be notified of the time remaining until depletion of product specified within an amount of days, hours or minutes.


Control how quickly alerts react to changes in sensor level. Select between instant hourly, four hourly, eight hourly, or daily smoothing settings.

Tip: Smoothing settings can be changed and viewed in the top right of the graph.

  • instant - one measure will trip alert
  • hourly - uses current value of "hourly trends"
  • four hourly - uses current value of "four hourly trends"
  • eight hourly - uses current value of "eight hourly trends"
  • daily - uses current value of "daily trends"

For more aggressive or predictive alerts (recommended for high usage assets), select instant or hourly.

For average or stable usage, select eight hourly or daily smoothing setting.

Tip: If you find your alert is tripping more often than expected, inspect recent measures on the sensor to confirm alerts are working as intended. Alert settings may be adjusted to minimize multiple triggers. I.e. if current smoothing setting (hourly) trips more often than expected, adjust smoothing to four hourly and confirm to save settings.

Repeat or schedule alerts:

  • Choose when and how often the alert notifies you or any other subscriber by using the "Repeat" or "Schedule" functions.
    • "Repeat" function will repeat the alert periodically as the condition persists. Select frequency by minutes, hours, or days. Toggle the "Repeat" button to the checked position to turn on repeating alerts.
    • "Schedule" function will send notifications only during select days and times. Toggle the "Schedule" button to the checked position to turn on scheduled alerts.

Adding a new subscriber

  • Add a new subscriber to an alert by entering the recipients email address in the search bar.
  • Select the recipient from the suggested drop down menu
  • Click add Alert.
  • If the desired email does not populate in the drop down search menu, ensure the user has a Pulsa account and is a part of your organization.
  • To view or modify previously set up sensors, scroll down to bottom of sensor page. The alert type and subscribers of each alert will be listed.
  • Note, only active users (who have logged in) who have access to this sensor may be added to alerts by users with sufficient privileges. For information on adding a new user to a company, please visit: Adding a New User

Removing an alert subscriber or deleting an alert

  • To remove a subscriber from an alert, simply scroll to the bottom of the sensor page, and select the alert and user you'd like to remove.
  • Tap the "X" next to the subscribers name to remove. (You can also re-tap the name to reinstate the user if wrong user is selected by accident)
  • You may also delete the alert entirely by selecting "Delete this alert" at the bottom of the "Manage Alert" screen
  • Note: You may only manipulate alerts for other users with sufficient privileges.