Using Pulsa

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Getting Started with Tasks


Get familiar with Tasks, and the different Task Modes Available:

  • Grouped Mode: allows users to view Tasks in different grouped preferences
  • Priority Mode: allows users to view Tasks in order of priority. The available options are as follows: Low, High, Urgent, and No Priority set
  • Calendar Mode: allows users to order Tasks by Due date. Tasks can be viewed a week at a time

Tasks will by default show the Tasks that have been assigned to you. Tasks assigned to others, or specific Task types, can be found using the filter and search options.


Types of Tasks

Tasks can be used to solve any and all issues in the Pulsa dashboard. Autogenerated and Custom tasks will capture common issues and actions, while still allowing plenty of flexibility to customize to your team's needs and preferences.

Autogenerated Tasks include:

  • Missing Gateway: task is generated when a gateway has been offline longer than it's selected disconnect period
  • Missing Sensor : task is generated when a sensor has been offline longer than it's selected disconnect period
  • Unstable Measures: task is generated when a Pulsa Link receives measures which are unstable
  • Out of Bounds Measures: task is generated when a Pulsa Link receives measures which are out of bounds

Custom Tasks include:

Anything your heart desires! Custom tasks can be edited in any way you please. Some custom Tasks you may find your team using include:

  • Scheduled Tank maintenance, Battery Replacement, Troubleshooting, Routing...what are some ways your team can use Tasks?

Task Assignment and Management

How are Tasks assigned?

Autogenerated Tasks will be assigned to the available location maintainers of the affected sensor or gateway. If no location specific maintainers are selected, Tasks will be assigned to Company Level, or Default maintainers.

Custom Tasks will request individual users to be assigned. Any user within your company can be assigned to a Custom Task.

Can a Task be re-assigned?

Absolutely! Tasks are intended to help triage and manage issues, this includes making sure issues, or required actions are visible and handled by the appropriate party. Select any Task you'd like to re-assign, then add or remove assignees to re-assign the task.

Tip! Tasks can be edited in bulk to easily update the assignee, priority or due date of multiple tasks at once.

How can I filter my Tasks?

Filter tasks by assignees, task type and company Tags to easily find what you need.

  1. Select the Filter option in the top right
  2. Select your desired characteristics
  3. Hit Filter to see results

Tip! Filter tasks by existing Tag options

How do I mark a Task as completed?

When a Task has been completed, simply hit "Complete Task" to clear the Task. The task will be removed from your and any other assignee's task list.

Tip! If your Task is autogenerated, the task will be able to detect if the issue is resolved and can auto-close.

Let's say your customer disconnected their gateway, but was able to reconnect it after realizing the problem. The task will autogenerate and auto close without needing any work from your team.

Pulsa Tasks wants to make sure you're up to date on current issues, and minimize unnecessary notifications.


What's next?

Try completing the following to test your Tasks knowledge!:

  • Identify Tasks in the dashboard, and pull up Tasks assigned to you
  • Create a custom Task, and select a due date for the created task
  • See a task that might need re-assigning? Select the task and re-assign to the correct party. Add any notes or details they may need to resolve the task

Were you able to complete all 3? Great job! We knew you could do it!

Do you have questions on Pulsa tasks, or would like to speak to someone directly?

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