Getting started

Setting up sensors, gateways, locations, accounts, and organizations

Sharing a sensor with a user in another organization (Sharing access with a customer)


Create a new company for your customer

In order to share sensor access with a customer, that customer will first need a Pulsa account. If your customer already has a Pulsa account, this step can be skipped.

  • Create a new company by selecting "Companies" from your dashboard menu
  • Select the three dot charm in the top right corner, then "Create new company"
  • Name the new company. Note, name is visible to your customer, and can be edited later if needed
  • Click "Create company" to confirm changes

You are now the first member and administrator for the newly created company.

Note: We recommend inviting at least one other team member to join accounts created for customers so multiple users can make changes if needed


Invite customers

Now that we've created a company for our customer, we'll want to invite specific users to join

  • In the company that you've created, click "Invite user"
  • Enter your customer's email, and the type of role they should have:
    • -Admin: Can modify users, sensors and alerts *in the company they are a part of
    • - Editor: Can modify traits of sensors *in the company they are a part of
    • - Viewer: Can only view sensors and set alerts *in the company they are a part of

TIP: If you want to limit access for a sensor, choose "Viewer"

  • Click "Invite New User" to send out the invitation
  • Your customer will receive email invitations shortly after which will prompt them to set up their account. If invitation is not received, check the email for any spelling errors, and resubmit the invitation if needed. Ask the customer to check their Spam or Trash folders as well in case it may have been filtered out.

TIP: Newly invited users will have an envelope next to their email. This means this user has been sent an invitation, but their account is not yet set up. Users who have successfully set up their account, will have a circular user icon next to their display name.


Share sensors

Now that we've set up our customers with their accounts, the final step is selecting the sensors you'd like to share access to.

  • Select "Sensors" in your menu to return to your main sensor list
  • Select the sensor you'd like to share access to
  • Click the Manage/ pencil icon button in the top right corner to manage sensor details and select "Share this sensor"
  • Alternatively, you can scroll down the sensor details page and select "Share this sensor" from the "Access" box
  • Search and select the customer organization you've just created
  • Select Editor or Viewer role for the organization. Note, any users in the customer account with "Administrator" permissions will still be restricted to editor or viewer based on your selection.
  • Click "Share" to save changes.

Repeat this process with any more sensors you'd like to share. Organization role and access can be updated or revoked at any time.