Getting started

Setting up sensors, gateways, locations, accounts, and organizations

Adding users to an organization

  • To Add a user to your organization, navigate to the "Companies" tab on the menu to the left on your dashboard, or within the "More" section in the bottom right of your mobile app.
  • Select the company of the user you wish to add
  • Enter in new user's email address and select their role type.
    • Admin: allows user to see and modify all sensor attributes that are shared with organizations. Admins can also add new users to organization.
    • Editor: Can modify traits of sensors shared with organization but cannot modify organization details (i.e. adding new users)
    • Viewer: Can only view sensors & add alerts
  • New user will then receive invitation email which includes details on joining your organization
  • The new user will now have access to shared sensors available in company