Getting started

Setting up sensors, gateways, locations, accounts, and organizations

Updating map view locations

Adding an address to an existing location

  • Select the map icon (📍) in the top right of the sensor overview page for map view
  • Selecting "fix missing locations" from map view
  • A list of all existing locations within your organization that require an address will pop up
  • Select one and enter an address or GPS coordinates to assign it a location
  • Confirm location details to save changes
  • Location should now be visible through map view for all associated sensors

Resolving an unknown location within sensor details

  • Your sensor's location will be marked as "Unknown" if the gateway in use with your sensor does not have an assigned location
  • To assign a location, click the gateway's name from your sensor's details page.
  • Select a previously created location or create a new location
  • Include the address or GPS coordinates of your new location to see it in map view
  • Confirm location and click "Update gateway" to confirm changes