Getting started

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Multiple weight tile setup

Weight Tile 01  [Regular]


  • Place the weight tiles upside down so the feet are facing upwards and inspect all tiles for any loose or damaged feet.
  • Confirm one of the weight tiles has a core installed and is connected to the junction with a 7" connector.
  • Take pictures of each of the weight tiles' IDs, located on the bottom of the weight tile, as these will be necessary later.


  • Layout the tiles upside down and arrange each tile to achieve the desired final configuration.
  • Ensure that the tile with the Core installed is placed such that the Core and Tare Button are on the exterior of the assembly and facing in the direction of where the gateway will be installed.


  • With all tiles upside down, align links so that they align with holes in adjacent tiles.
  • After links are aligned, press fit posts from the bottom side into each hole.
  • The head of the post should make contact with the link once it is pressed down.
  • Each edge to edge joint requires 4 posts and 4 links (2 top and 2 bottom).


  • Connect each scale at the junction with a 19" cable.
  • 1. Start at the tile with the core installed. Insert one end of the 19" cable into the junction.
  • 2. Route the cable through the holes in the ribs to an adjacent tile junction and insert.
  • 3. Continue to connect adjacent tiles via the junctions with additional 19" cables until all tiles are connected. (show image of snake pattern for a few different combinations).
  • 4. You should utilize one less 19" cable than the number of tiles in assembly. Ex, if you are assembling 4 tiles into a 2x2, you should utilize 3 19" cables and one 7" cable (show image)

Flip and tighten

  • Confirm all cables are fully inserted at each junction and at the core. See video / picture / gif.
  • Flip the tile assembly over place links at all locations with two adjacent posts.
  • Hand tighten connecting screws into all posts.
  • Place the assembly on a flat surface, stand on top, and snug all of the screws with a phillips head screw driver.