How Pulsa works

Information about how Pulsa's solution works and frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a battery last?

Batteries for all sensors and gateway last 5-7 years before replacement needed.

How do I turn my sensor on / off?

Pulsa's sensors are always on, and do not require being turned on/off.

How many sensors can communicate with one gateway?

Each gateway can handle 1000's of sensors. The main limitation is range, and each sensor can transmit up to 350 ft with line of sight.

How far can I put the sensors from a gateway?

With line of sight, the distance from a Pulsa gateway to a Pulsa sensor can be up to 350ft. Barriers between the gateway and sensor/s will reduce performance. The following conditions can significantly reduce sensor reception performance: thick masonry walls, metal walls (light gauge stell building walls are generally ok), sensor and gateway on direct opposite sides of bulk tank.

How often do the sensors take measurements?

Sensors take readings every 3 minutes. If experience fewer or irregular readings, please visit Troubleshooting.

How are the sensors powered?

All Pulsa sensors are wireless and powered by replaceable batteries.

Are there additional costs for cellular connectivity?

There is no additional cost for cellular connectivity, all fees are included in service fee.

How do the sensors communicate with the gateway?

Each sensor transmits a measurement every 3 minutes on a 2.4 Ghz band. If a gateway is powered on and in range of the sensor (350 ft line of sight), it will receive the sensor measurement payload and forward it to Pulsa's backend. The sensors do not pair or connect with the gateway, which greatly simplifies setup, increases range and improves power consumption. Any Pulsa gateway is capable of transmitting any Pulsa sensor measurement payload if in range.

How does the gateway communicate to Pulsa's backend?

The Pulsa gateway transmits all measurements received every 3 minutes. The Pulsa gateway utilizes cellular networks to transmit data to Pulsa's backend.

Which cellular network does the gateway use?

You do not have to choose a cellular network before you deploy the Pulsa gateway. As a standard feature, once the Pulsa gateway is powered on, it will search for all available cellular networks, test signal strengths and connect to the best network. In North America, the Pulsa gateway can use Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Rogers, Indigo, Limitless, Bell, NE Colorado and Movistar networks. In the rest of the world, if there is network coverage at an install point, the Pulsa gateway will likely be able to connect.

How can I confirm my gateways and sensors are working?

1. Confirm the gateway is showing a solid green light.

2. Navigate to the health page ( (?) icon) to view last seen times for all of your sensors.