Using Pulsa

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Changing product information (weight)

  • To change the product information on your weight sensor, select [Sensors] from the menu on the left of your dashboard, or bottom right if using mobile app.
  • Select sensor you wish to update. Sensors may be sorted and filtered using product type, location, sensor type, status and capability.
  • Once sensor has been selected, below sensor name and "Weight Tile" or "Industrial Weight" , you will see what product is being tracked, e.g. CO2. Click product name.
  • You can also simply select [Products] from the dash menu, which will list all products in use within your companies.
  • Product page will display all other sensors tracking selected product, their locations and current size, which can be viewed in percentage or inches, and empty and full size of product.
  • Note: Changing product information will impact all sensors connected to that product. If you wish to uniquely change the product settings for one sensor, disconnect the sensor in the sensor details page, and connect to a new product. More information available in new sensor set up under “Connect product to sensor” step.
  • Click [Manage] or pencil icon if using app.
  • Here, you will be able to update product name, empty size, full size, unit of measurement or delete product if necessary.
  • When editing product information, create a name that distinctly reflects the container, product type, and capacity for product management (e.g., Carbo-Max 750LB, Welding Wire 1000lb Drum) and enter empty size (i.e., value at 0% full), full size (i.e., value at 100% full)
  • Make changes as needed, then click [Update product].
  • Update confirmation notice will appear at the top of the screen to confirm changes.