Using Pulsa

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Changing user roles

Note: To make changes to user roles, the user making the changes must be an administrator of selected company.

  • On your Pulsa dashboard or iOS/Android app, navigate to the Companies tab. All company members will be listed on this page.
  • Select the user you would like to modify the role of.
  • From drop-down list below "role" select the new role for the user:
    • Admin: allows user to see and modify all sensor attributes that are shared with organizations. Admins can also add new users to organization.
    • Editor: Can modify traits of sensors shared with organization but cannot modify organization details (i.e. adding new users)
    • Viewer: Can only view sensors & add alerts
  • Users can also be removed in this same panel by selecting "Delete this user".
  • Click "Update user" to save changes. A successful update message will appear at the top of the screen to confirm changes.