Using Pulsa

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Using filters and saved views

Use filters on the Pulsa dashboard to find and view your sensors with ease.

  • Filter your products by selecting Tags, product type, location, sensor, status, capability and current level.
  • Filters can be used individually or layered to create desired search results.
  • Tags: filters by your organization's available Tags
  • Product: filters by available product types within company
  • Location: filters by locations within company
  • Sensor: filters sensors by Pulsa's 4 sensor types:
    • differential, pressure, industrial scale, and weight tile
  • Status: filters sensor's connectivity status:
    • Connected: connected to gateway and sending readings
    • Missing: not currently seen by gateway & not sending readings
    • Disconnected: not connected to a gateway & not sending readings
    • Requires configuration:
  • Capability: filters by ability to be shared or edited within company members
  • Current level: will filter all sensors within selected range of sensor product level
  • Selected filters will appear above search results. Remove or add more filters from any search result.

Search bar and advanced search options

  • Enter search options with quotation marks for exact searches
    • Ex: enter "Exact" for results that explicitly contain the word "Exact"
  • Enter search options without quotations for approximate or related to matches
  • Type a forward slash into search bar to view advanced search options
    • use "and" to search for sensors that match both/all search requests

Saved views

  • Save your favorite filters by selecting [Saved] or the bookmark icon if using mobile.
  • Rename, share, and set your favorite view to be the default.
  • Saved filter views are only visible by user.
  • To share a view, select saved view, click [Saved] and select "Share view". Link will be copied to clipboard and can be pasted into emails or any messaging platform.
  • Delete a view by selecting a view, clicking the three dot charm, then delete
  • To exit a saved view, tap away the icon clock icon located on the left of the saved view's name

Default view

  • You can use "Default view" to select a previously saved view as your preferred sensor list display when you log in to Pulsa.
  • Your default view will only apply to your account.
  • To set a saved view as a default view, go to your list of saved views (the bookmark icon on your sensor list page)
  • Click the triple charm on your selected view
  • Select "Set as default view"
  • Your default view will display a star next to its name in your list of saved views
  • Temporarily remove default view by tapping the clock icon next to the name, or removing filters
  • To update or remove your saved view, select a different saved view or select "Unset as default view" in your list of saved views