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Correcting "Out of Bounds" Measures

In comparison to our other sensors, the Pulsa link does not take it's own measures, but rather, transmits the measurements of a third party device.

During setup, input and output details about your third party sensor are required to create your Pulsa Link's profile. The input information is the range of values we expect to receive from the third party sensor.

If your third party sensor relays information to the Pulsa link outside of this range, an "out of Bounds: measurement will be seen.

Read below on how to spot, troubleshoot and correct these messages.

Identifying the issue

  • Link reporting unstable measures will display a yellow border and an "out of bounds" message in your main sensor list
  • Links with out of bounds, or unstable measures can also be searched for by filtering for "reading errors" under the Pulsa Filter by menu


  • Inspect the Out of bounds measures by clicking : "Fix out bounds"
  • Here, you will find details on the time and value of the unstable measures received
  • The out of bounds value received should be very close to your current input range values.
  • For example, if using a 4-20mA link and device, the 4-20mA device your Link is currently connected to may actually be operating in a 3.98-20.23mA range. This range is very close to 4-20mA, but slight under/over. For all measures in between, the link will operate as normal, but when the tank is very close to empty, or completely full, you may need to adjust your profile slightly to ensure all acceptable values are included in your range.
  • The two most common cases you will see an "out of bounds" message is when your tank is empty, or right after a fill. As noted above, the device connected to your Pulsa link may be operating slightly above or below the selected range, and may just need a small adjustment to ensure all acceptable ranges are included.

Note: If the out of bounds value you are seeing is very far off from your current input range, confirm the following: 1. your Pulsa Link and third party sensor actively connected. 2. your third party sensor is working as expected. Inspect the third party sensor for signs of damage or low/ dead battery. 3: Contact Pulsa support if the issue persists or does not resolve in steps 2 or 3.

Note: The Pulse Link will display the last stable and in bounds measurement it received. This measurement is only accurate at the time it was received. If time has elapsed since this measurement, this measurement should no longer be considered accurate.

Resolving the issue

  • Click out of the "Fix out of bounds" panel, and select "Manage" on your selected sensor's page.
  • Select "Link Profile"
  • Select "edit profile"
  • Update your Link profile input ranges to include the values seen in the out of bounds message
  • Select " Update Link profile" to save
  • Note: The Link will ask you to reselect it's product once more to confirm any changes. This is done by selecting "Connect Product", searching for the previously connected product and saving changes with "Confirm connection"
  • Your Link will then display "Waiting for a reading", before updating to a new measure.
  • Your new measure should match with the expected value of your gauge or digital display (if available)

If steps above are followed but issue persists, or if you have any questions, please contact Pulsa Support via phone (888)-259-1163 or email: