Getting started

Setting up sensors, gateways, locations, accounts, and organizations

Pulsa Hardware Ownership

When selecting the Company during Pulsa hardware setup (sensors and/ or gateways), keep in mind:

  • Only users that are a part of this Company will have visibility of these hardware items
  • The selected Company will be the hardware's owner.
  • In other words, all sensor and gateway service costs will be billable to this selected company.

How do I know if I've selected the right company?

  • If your organization owns the Pulsa hardware, the hardware is installed at a customer's site, your organization should be the Company selected as the owner during setup.
  • If your organization owns the Pulsa hardware and are renting it to your customer, your organization should be the Company selected as the owner during setup.
  • If your organization is selling the hardware to your customer, and they will be taking over full sensor and gateway service costs, the customer's Company should be selected during setup

Oh no, I've set my hardware up under the wrong company, what can I do?

No problem! If you've set your company up under the wrong company, this can easily be corrected by requesting a hardware item transfer from the Pulsa team. Here's how:

  • Gather the information required for the transfer. We'll need the IDs of all the items you'd like to transfer, and the name of the company you'd like us to transfer these items to.
  • Share this information with Pulsa by emailing us at We'll send a follow up if we have any questions or require any more details.

If no additional information is required, we'll complete the transfer and provide a confirmation for you to check on your end.

What if my customer wants to view my sensor to monitor it as well?

If your end customer would like visibility of your sensor to monitor tank levels as well, a solution is available right in your dashboard.

Share your sensor's access to provide them with visibility, while keeping the rest of your sensors private.

Click here to view our detailed sensor sharing guide