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Setup Pulsa Gateway Solar Kit - V2 Design


This guide will discuss setting up the Pulsa solar kit.
Before getting started, please ensure you have the following:

  • Philips head screwdriver
  • Your chosen mounting solution, e.g. a U bolt or mounting magnets (available for sale)
  • Pulsa solar gateway kit, including:
    • Pulsa Cellular Gateway
    • Pulsa Charge Pack (with "Mount gateway here" on front), mounted on bracket
    • Solar panel with attached connector, mounted on bracket
    • Gateway connector cable
    • Gateway mounting screws (x2)
    • Bracket attachment screws and nuts (x4)

Mount Pulsa Gateway to Charge Pack

  • Using the two (2) provided mounting screws, attach the Gateway to the front of the Charge Pack where it says "Mount gateway here".
  • Do not overtorque.

Attach Charge Pack and solar panel brackets

  • Using the four (4) provided bracket attachment screws, connect the brackets for the charge pack and solar panel.

Connect Gateway, Charge Pack, and solar panel

  • Insert the connector from the solar panel into the "Solar" port of the Charge Pack, located on the right
  • Connect the Gateway to the Charge Pack using the included cable, plugging it into the "Gateway" port on the left
  • Ensure the cables do not block the solar panel by tucking them behind as shown


Power On

  • Press "On/Off" to power the Gateway - power is on when the switch is depressed.
  • Important - the power button must be depressed to ensure the battery on your solar kit retains charge. Your gateway may power on before the power button is depressed if there is enough sun hitting the solar panel at the time of installation
  • Gateway lights will begin blinking as the device connects to the network
  • Please see our other guides for more information about the Gateway